DreamStacks was founded in 2019 by Akash Kumar, the prime motive of this website was to motivate, inspire, and encourage others to improve their lives, and be successful in whatever they do. The place where you discover yourself, build your stacks of dreams and walk on the path of fulfillment. 

Our goal is to become the one-stop where people feel encouraged, motivated, and inspired. The future goal of DreamStacks is to build a community where people help people without any desire for worldly benefits. Currently, we have a few views on the web and a few on social media, but we are focused on reaching as many people as we can and touch as many lives as we can.

If you have just visited and like our content, then stick around! Let us know what do you think about the content that we release. 

Here comes Akash!

Hey guys, Akash, here!

Here is something about my self. I have been in different working areas. I have worked in various working environments, starting from customer service, to 3D animator, to Graphic designer, to an actor, to a Digital marketer and now an Entrepreneur, so I know how hard it is to be motivated and stay firm on the journey of your life. I have seen the hard days, tough times, stress, and depression. I have seen it all and continue to face troubles in my life, but I have learned how to tackle them, and I learn daily. 

The point here is that my journey taught me a lot, and I would like to use that to enlighten people to believe in themselves and work towards what they want in their lives. The goal they have, the passion they live for, or maybe they are still in the cocoon. The possibilities in life and in these times are endless, and more often, they are never explored because of fear, disbelief, or just the lack of will.

So, I am trying to make Dreamstacks work and create a platform where you can get answers to all your questions. You don’t have to Google things every time and look for thousands of websites to find the answers to your questions. DreamStacks is a growing platform that inspires people, opens the path to their self-discovery. 

Maybe someday I get to meet with you all and talk…!

Here’s a small list of the content you can expect to find here:

·     Self-Improvement Articles – Designed to help you adopt good habits, become more productive, get out of your comfort zone, and generally improve your life.

·     Success Articles – Designed to help you succeed in life and in your career, whatever your definition of success may be.

·     Motivation – Compilations of the best motivational videos, articles, images, and more.

·     Entrepreneurship – If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur and need advice that’ll help you on the way, we’ve got that covered too.

·     Quotes – You won’t find extensive quote collections like this anywhere else on the web. We’ve published over 170 quote collections on WG, and that number is growing every day.

I am confident that you’ll like and visit DreamStacks every time you need someone to push you a little. You’ll enjoy reading content that inspires and motivates you to create a better life and create one that you desire.

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Let’s Wrap This Up!

Thank you so much for visiting DreamStacks and being a part of our community.

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All the best,

Akash Kumar

 Founder of DreamStacks.com